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Advertising in The Microscope

The Microscope is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal dedicated to microscopy and microanalysis that has been published continuously since 1937. It is our policy to encourage advertising as a service to our readers. It is our view that advertisements provide readers with information regarding new instruments and techniques, impressive applications of microscopy, and other resources and services available to microscopists. We invite advertisements from manufacturers and retailers of microscopes, spectrometers, analytical accessories, sample preparation equipment and image capture and analysis systems. Advertisements are also welcome from materials analysis consulting firms, publishers of scientific literature, and trade organizations.

The Microscope’s readership includes microscopists from a wide variety of industries: pharmaceuticals, law enforcement, forensic science, environmental services, materials analysis consulting firms, academia, conservation, and government labs to name a few. Unlike subscribers of other journals, most of our readers are full-time microscopists or analytical chemists seeking practical information. The subscriber base is approximately 350 in the United States and 50 international, with another 250-350 issues circulated gratis. Many of the subscribers are corporate libraries and small companies whereby the readership is much greater than the circulation. For these reasons, and also for the high quality of The Microscope’s content and appearance we feel the cost to place an advertisement is a good value.

Advertising Rates in U.S. Dollars

. . 1 insertion 4 insertions (20% discount)
Greyscale Two pages of figures and text $575 $1840
Greyscale Full Page (9” × 6.75”) $300 $960
Greyscale Half Page (4.5” × 6.75” or 3.25”× 9”) $200 $645
Greyscale Quarter Page (3.25” × 6.75”) $125 $400
Color Two pages of figures and text $925 $2960
Color Full Page (9” × 6.75”) $475 $1520
Color Half Page (4.5” × 6.75” or 3.25”× 9”) $300 $960
Color Quarter Page (3.25” × 6.75”) $200 $640

Submission Guidelines

Advertisers may submit traditional, formal advertisements or “News Items.” These are advertisements containing an extended discussion of a particular product or service and are priced the same as the one or two full-page advertisements. News Items may be subject to editorial suggestions.

Advertisements may be submitted as text or graphic files. Preferred file formats for text and images include: MS Word .doc, TIFF and JPEG (minimal compression), although other formats are also accepted (please inquire).

Graphics are requested at a resolution of 300 dpi, however, there is no extra charge for file conversion or adjustments.

Proofread your advertisement. We are not responsible for errors.

Send files larger than 8 MB by mail on a CD.

Accepted forms of payment include: Company PO, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and check (payable to Microscope Publications). In you have any questions contact us at 312-842-7100 or