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About Inter/Micro

Since its beginning in 1948, Inter/Micro, the premier International/Microscopy conference, has grown to attract microscopists, both amateur and professional, from all areas of light and electron microscopy. Recognized internationally, this meeting is now held every year in Chicago and continues to be sponsored and hosted by McCrone Research Institute.

The first Microscopy Symposium on Electron and Light Microscopy was developed by Walter C. McCrone (light microscopist in chemistry) and Charles Tufts (electron microscopist in physics) and was held June 10-12, 1948 at the Stevens Hotel, now the Hilton Chicago. These meetings continued to grow with inversely proportional titles including “MICROSCOPY SYMPOSIUM” then “MICRO” and now, thanks to Lucy McCrone who came up with the name: “INTER/MICRO” (only after the RMS reclaimed the “Micro” name for their meetings in the 1960s).

You will be interested to know that the Inter/Micro symposia are believed to be the very first meetings to gather top people in light and electron microscopy together to discuss very small particles including the range of ultrafine particles that are commonly referred to today as “nanoparticles.”

You will also be interested, I’m sure, that Dr. McCrone’s reaction and personal satisfaction to these symposia came from having the world’s best microscopists come to Chicago to further his education! Thank you for your support of Inter/Micro so that we can all continue to further our education.

Gary J. Laughlin, Ph. D.
Chairman, Inter/Micro
(2004 – Present)

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