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Certification in Applied Chemical Microscopy

The McCrone Research Institute offers a certification as a formal way for students to be evaluated, monitored and recognized for their knowledge and practical abilities in chemical microscopy. It is meant to provide a tangible training goal and a positive structure to the student’s training.

McCrone Certification Application for Applied Chemical Microscopy

McCrone Certification in Applied Chemical Microscopy is based on:
(1) successful completion of six McCrone Research Institute courses. See McCrone Certification Course Requirements by Category),
(2) passing a comprehensive written examination, and
(3) passing a series of practical proficiency trials.

Upon successful completion of the requirements, candidates will be certified by the Board of Directors of the McCrone Research Institute that they have knowledge and ability in Applied Chemical Microscopy, as taught by McCrone Research Institute.

The McCrone Course Experience

Our intensive one-week courses focus on the application of microscopy to the solution of chemical problems. Because the course material cannot reasonably be absorbed in one week, we do not employ a formal evaluation process during the course sessions.

Most students return to their laboratories after their initial polarized light microscopy course equipped with a broad appreciation of the capabilities of chemical microscopy along with the theoretical and practical tools necessary to begin their development as chemical microscopists. Proficiency in the methods comes only with their continued practice.

After several months to a year of laboratory application, most students return to McCrone for a secondary course where the principles and techniques of the initial course are reviewed and expanded upon. The intervening laboratory experience provides an essential experience base for the second course and students are now in a position to acquire greater understanding and to refine their technique within the context of their practical work.

Subsequent courses provide uninterrupted time for intensive study in a specialized area and increasingly more sophisticated and focused instruction from the teaching staff.

The Role of Certification

The McCrone Certification Program provides explicit evaluation of a student’s knowledge and capabilities in Applied Chemical Microscopy. There are three general requirements: (1) successful completion of six McCrone Research Institute courses, (2) passing a comprehensive written examination following these courses, and (3) passing a series of practical proficiency trials.

There is a $500 fee for taking the written examination and a $500 fee for the proficiency test. Please mail full payment of $1,000 and the completed application form to:

Sebastian Sparenga
McCrone Research Institute
2820 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616-3230
312-842-7100 (voice)
312-842-1078 (fax)