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Solicitation for the Microscope Series

Call for Authors

Microscope Publications (division of McCrone Research Institute, Inc.) publish a series of monographs related to the microscope. Currently, 12 of the 52 originally proposed titles are now available including:

11. A Short History of the English Microscopes
12. A Short History of the Early American Microscopes
14. The Optical Performance of the Light Microscope, Part I
15. The Optical Performance of the Light Microscope, Part II
16. Accessories for the Light Microscope
17. Special Methods in Light Microscopy
20. Transmitted Polarised Light Microscopy
47. Light Microscopical Resinography
48. The Microscopy of Liquid Crystals
49. The 4-Axis Universal Stage
51. Glossary of Microscopical Terms and Definitions
52. Teaching Microscopy

While some authors have already been identified, there are still topics remaining which leave the following titles and their numbers in the series yet to be completed:

1. A Short History of the Electron Microscope
2. Modern Electron Microscopes
3. Accessories for the Transmission Electron Microscope
4. Preparation of Samples and Other Techniques for the Transmission Electron Microscope
5. Scanning Electron Microscopy
6. Specialized Electron Microscopes
7. Field-Ion Emission Microscopes
8. X-Ray Microscopy
9. Microprobes(instruments)
10. Microprobes (specimen prep, etc.)
13. A Short History of Light Microscopy
18. Photomicrography
19. Photomacrography
21. Polarized Light Microscopy (reflected light)
22. Metallographic Techniques
23. Crystal Morphology
24. Microscopy in the Ultraviolet
25. Microscopy in the Infrared
26. Microspectrophotometry
27. Holographic Microscopy
28. Phase Microscopy
29. Interference Microscopy
30. Fluorescence Microscopy
31. Microtomy
32. Sections of Hard Materials
33. Clinical Microscopy
34. Microphotography
35. Dispersion Staining
36. Thermal Microscopy (1-component system)
37. Thermal Microscopy (2-component system)
38. Micrometry
39. Stereology
40. Automatic Image Analysis
41. Mineral Identification (thin sections)
42. Mineral Identification (grains)
43. Microchemical Tests
44. Characterization of Single Small Particles
45. Study of Fibers
46. Study of Surfaces
50. Integration of Microscopy into the Research Laboratory

We continue to be interested in publishing books in this worthwhile series and incorporating additional titles such as Raman Microscopy, Infrared Microspectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Acoustic Microscopy, etc. If you are interested in authoring one of the preceding monographs and would like “working it out” with some very flexible publishers, please e-mail a query to