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Volume 12. A Short History of the Early American Microscopes

By Donald L. Padgitt
Copyright © 1975 by Microscope Publications Ltd.

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A Short History of the Early American Microscopes

Chapter 1 – The Microscope in America before
Chapter 2 – Charles A. Spencer and his Successors
Chapter 3 – The Grunow Brothers of New Haven
Chapter 4 – Joseph Zentmayer of Philadelphia
Chapter 5 – Robert B. Tolles and the Boston
Optical Works
Chapter 6 – The Chicago Makers: Walter H. Bulloch Dr. Lyman D. Mcintosh
Chapter 7 – Bausch & Lomb, Inc. of Rochester
Chapter 8 – The Acme Optical Works of Lancaster, PA and James W. Queen & Company of Philadelphia
Chapter 9 – Other American Makers, Designers and Dealers
Chapter 10 – Some Concluding Comments