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Fusion Methods in Chemical Microscopy: A Textbook and Laboratory Manual

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Fusion Methods in Chemical Microscopy: A Textbook and Laboratory Manual

By Walter C. McCrone, Jr.
© 1957, Interscience Publishers, Inc, New York

Description of the book:

“Microanalytical methods involving the combination of microscope and temperature control have been termed fusion methods because most of the techniques involve the operation of melting in some way. The scope and limitations of fusion methods are described in detail in this section.

Part II describes most of the commercially available equipment, such as hot stages, cold stages, and hot bars.

Part III covers the general techniques for calibration and use of hot and cold stages and hot bars, for characterization and identification of organic compounds, estimation of purity, methods of purification, analysis of mixtures, determination of composition diagrams, and study of polymorphism.

Part IV concludes the text with some research applications of fusion methods, such as the study of pour-point depressants, thermal stability of decomposable compounds, kinetics of crystal growth, recrystallization, and grain growth.

Part V contains tables for the identification of organic compounds based on the measurement of melting points and refractive indices of the melt.” (McCrone, 1957, p. v)

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