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Raman Microspectroscopy (1430)


Course schedule: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., all three days

Emphasis is placed on applications of Raman that arise from its ability to characterize molecular structure, its general ease of use and minimal sample preparation requirements. Non-routine applications will also be discussed.

Lecture and exercise topics include: Raman theory, instrument hardware, applications customized to student interests (e.g. pharmaceuticals, inorganics, pigments, polymers, forensics, homeland security), spectral interpretation, sample preparation, using spectra databases and analysis software, and integrating Raman microscopy with other methods which provide complimentary structural, chemical and optical data (e.g. FT-IR, polarized light microscopy, SEM/EDS, microchemical tests, diffraction techniques).

Students are invited to bring samples for preparation and analysis exercises. The enrollment in each class is kept small to ensure a high ratio of instructors and instruments to students.

There is no prerequisite for this class.