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Fluorescence Microscopy (1210)


Course schedule: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., all three days

Students in this intensive three-day course, taught at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago by Dr. Steven Ruzin, will become proficient in techniques of fluorescence microscopy for investigation of biological and non-biological samples, but particularly for the identification of microbes in the environment. The course consists of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on training in the practice of sample collection, preparation, and observation using techniques of fluorescence microscopy. After completion of this course students will have gained experience in designing protocols using fluorescence microscopy, and in implementing those protocols for the investigation of laboratory and/or real-world field samples.

Day 1
• Introduction to fluorescence, microscopy, hardware
• Labs 1-3
• Organism Survey

Day 2
• Labs 4-5 (DAPI, PI, and SYTO)
• Lab 6 (bacterial viability)
• Analysis of unknowns

Day 3
• Lab 7 (ID Bacillus endospores)
• Analysis of unknown samples
• Fluorescence proficiency analytical test (FPAT practical exam)