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Tricks of the Trade | An Alternative to the Traditional Coverslip Gripper, Particle Disperser, and Crusher


2022, Volume 69:3, pp. 135 – 137


Meggan King Dempsey and Gary J. Laughlin

When using glass slides, glass coverslips, and liquid mounting media for sample preparation in light microscopy, it is essential to have well-dispersed particles in order to facilitate the characterization and identification of individual particles. The traditional way to disperse or redistribute particles under the coverslip and flatten the mounting medium is by using the eraser end of an ordinary pencil as a means to “grip” the glass coverslip and move it around by hand pressure in a controlled manner using the pencil shaft as a handle. By pressing the eraser on the coverslip and sliding the coverslip in a circular pattern, particles are dispersed individually and the mounting medium is more easily flattened and spread throughout the underside of the coverslip.

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