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Microscope Past: 45 Years Ago | A Holographic Attachment for the Light Microscope


2022, Volume 69:3, pp. 138 – 142

Originally published in The Microscope, Volume 25, First Quarter, pp 55 – 67, 1977

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J.G. Dodd

An attachment for making holograms through a light microscope is described. The attachment consists simply of a modified eyepiece, which uses half of the object field as a reference wave. Together with an inexpensive laser, the attachment permits holography with any microscope equipped with a camera. Reconstructed holograms are shown and the special case of the hologram formed at the focused image plane is discussed in some detail. It is shown that in this case there is no requirement of coherence for reconstruction and excellent reconstructions may be accomplished using diffuse white light. The cost of such a reconstruction is loss of depth of field.

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