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McCrone Research Institute, Inc. is an Illinois not-for-profit educational and scientific research organization located in Chicago, IL. Active since 1952 and founded by Dr. Walter C. McCrone in 1960, McCrone Research Institute is dedicated to training and primary research in applied microscopy.

It has been the experience of McCrone Research Institute that although the microscope is a valuable analytical and research tool for solving analytical problems, few educational institutions teach its proper use and application. To that end, McCrone Research Institute offers microscopy courses and performs scientific research in support of its educational activities and holds an annual conference, Inter/Micro, at which amateur and professional microscopists describe their advances and research in the field of microscopy. Further, McCrone Research Institute publishes a scientific journal,The Microscope, that provides microscopy education and describes advances in the study of microscopy.

Message from the Director

McCrone Microscopy Training, Courses, and Workshops

McCrone Research Institute is fully equipped with polarized light and other light microscopes, as well as scanning electron microscopes, IR microspectrometers, Fluorescence microscopes, hot and cold stages, and all of the accessories, reagents, and library resources necessary for critical industrial, forensic and practical microscopy. Courses taught at the McCrone Research Institute range from basic microscopy, emphasizing the proper use of the microscope, to specialized microscopy focusing on a particular technique, a particular material, or a particular industrial, field of application. Information about courses and their descriptions can be accessed on this website. We will be happy to work with you in planning a curriculum and courses best suited to you and your company.

Most of the courses are taught in our permanent Chicago location, but some each year are taught “on your site” at host organizations in government, industry and academia, nationally and internationally.

McCrone Inter/Micro Conferences and Symposia

In 1948, Dr. McCrone started the series of annual international conferences on microscopy now known as Inter/Micro. This conference is held every year in Chicago and continues to be sponsored and hosted by McCrone Research Institute.

During the 1960’s, Dr. McCrone invited the State Microscopical Society of Illinois (SMSI) into McCrone Research Institute, providing gratis clerical, academic, and professional services in addition to a home and facilities for the storage of its collections. SMSI continues to utilize McCrone lecture rooms and classrooms for its adult and young student groups, general and regular meetings, and workshops. SMSI holds its annual meeting and auction at Inter/Micro and presents awards to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to microscopy.

McCrone Publications, Journal, Books

Another major activity of the McCrone Research Institute is publication of The Microscope, an international journal emphasizing new equipment, new methods and important applications of light and electron microscopy. This journal began in 1937 with Arthur L. E. Barron as Editor but became a part of the McCrone Research Institute operations in 1962. Through this journal, McCrone is continually expanding the efforts to increase the use of microscopy both here and abroad.

Microscope Publications, a division of McCrone Research Institute, publishes many books for the light microscopist including the Monographs in the Microscope Series, Chamot and Mason’s Handbook of Chemical Microscopy, Winchell’s “Organic” and “Inorganic” handbooks on optical properties, the Asbestos Identification textbook, the Polarized Light Microscopy textbook, Fusion Methods, The Particle Atlas, and various others.

McCrone Applied Microscopy Research

Continuing the tradition that started with Dr. McCrone’s first research projects (applying Chemical Microscopy to explosives at Cornell), McCrone Research Institute conducts basic and applied research related to its mission of expanding particle analysis capabilities and using microscopical and microanalytical techniques to address problems in forensic, industrial, pharmaceutical, environmental and conservation sciences. This research is currently funded internally and by selected grants and contracts associated with a variety of academic institutions, government agencies and corporations.

Our experience, longevity, stability, and reliability are evidenced by our track record: more than 30,000 satisfied students and growing. For 60 years, our outstanding reputation in the field of applied microscopical research and microscopy education distinguish McCrone Research Institute from the others.

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McCrone Research Institute, Inc.
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