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McCrone Not-for-Profit Scientific Educational and Applied Research Organization

The McCrone Research Institute was chartered and incorporated in 1960 as a scientific educational and research organization devoted to microscopy and microanalysis. It is the nation’s largest not-for-profit microscopy teaching and applied scientific research organization committed to government, industry, and academia for the proper use of the microscope to solve problems in forensic, industrial, pharmaceutical, environmental and conservation sciences.

The Institute does not have commercial objectives that compete with your educational, scientific, and career goals. Our experience, longevity, stability, and reliability distinguish McCrone Research Institute from the others.

McCrone Research Institute is a not-for-profit educational and research organization, Section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ), making it eligible for support by gifts from individuals, private corporations and foundations, grants from federal and private agencies, and universities.

McCrone Research Institute, Inc.
2820 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616-3230
312-842-7100 (phone)
312-842-1078 (fax)