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"On Your Site" Training Courses

Custom Planned McCrone Microscopy Courses That Come to You

McCrone Research Institute teaches many intensive 1-week microscopy courses anywhere in the USA for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 students. Each course is designed for your specific problem solving and research interests. Confidential treatment is understood, management or supervisory personnel may attend any lectures, and we furnish all equipment and staff.

Each course offers a strong foundation in both theory and application. A McCrone instructor will consult with you and plan a detailed course curriculum. We bring all materials and equipment for each of your students: microscopes, microprojection cameras and monitors, text and reference books, prepared microscope slides, manipulative tools, reagents, refractive index liquids, projector, etc.

Courses for Your Specialized Needs

McCrone Research Institute is a dedicated and dynamic educational organization and we are committed to teaching many of our one-week courses at your location. Our “On Your Site” Courses provide the instructor and host company the unique opportunity to:

• Decide which topics in the course to emphasize.

• Raise difficult technical questions for discussion and study.

• Give supervising personnel and management the chance to sit in and learn with the students about material and equipment.

Our instructor and driver will arrive at your facility by noon Sunday to set up the equipment and prepare for the course, which begins Monday morning. We kindly request that you provide a room large enough (at least 8 × 12 meters) including tables and chairs for 16 students and 1-2 small tables for supplies. Our electrical requirements are about 1,000 watts.

A course can be scheduled for any time of year. Because we can offer only a limited number of “On Your Site” Courses each year, we ask that you plan ahead and contact us at least six months in advance of your desired course date. Please keep in mind that travel distances and regional weather conditions must be considered to ensure that our van arrives on time to your location.

Here, There and Everywhere

Each year, McCrone instructors teach a significant number of microscopy courses at a variety of companies, institutions and organizations throughout the United States and in other countries. Past clients include McClellan Air Force Base, 3M Company, National Institute of Justice, NYU Institute of Fine Arts, Illinois Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Syntex, Parke-Davis, Du Pont, Procter & Gamble, Bristol Myers/Squibb, IBM, National Gallery in Washington D.C., The Getty, Courtaulds, Smithsonian, Campbell [Conservation] Center, and more than 40 federal and state government labs.

McCrone is also proud to have taught courses abroad, including England, Germany, Italy, Israel, Australia, Korea, and Canada. Learn more about our clients and affiliations.

Advantages of “On Your Site” Courses

We offer the flexibility to tailor courses to suit your company’s individual needs, with your input on which topics to emphasize. Other benefits include:

• Lower cost per student. We come to you, so all student travel and related costs are avoided. Please contact our registrar to inquire about costs.

• An opportunity to raise troublesome technical problems for discussion and study.

• An opportunity for your supervising personnel to sit in on lectures.

• A chance for management to learn what equipment is most useful in a microscopy laboratory.

• An evaluation of your personnel for a career in microscopy.

For more information, please contact the registrar at 312-842-7100 or at