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McCrone Research Institute Museum of Microscopy

Dr. Walter C. McCrone established the McCrone Research Institute Museum of Microscopy in 1978.

The collection includes libraries, microscopes, accessories and other equipment and furnishings of microscopists who made important contributions to microscopy. The museum presently includes items donated or purchased from the laboratories of Norman H. Hartshorne, W.M D. Bryant, Paul Kirk, John G. Delly, John Bunyan, Vladimir Sekara, Émile M. Chamot, Roger Loveland, James Nelson, Joseph Koles, Edwin Jelley, Alexander N. Winchell, Sy Bauer, Ludwig and Adelheid Kofler, Frank Karl, Francis Jones, Ray Allen, Clyde W. Mason, Horace Winchell, Walter C. McCrone, Lucy McCrone and many others.

The McCrone Research Institute is fortunate to have in its Museum of Microscopy the microscopy lab bench, his microscope, many microscopical accessories and reagents of Émile M. Chamot, Professor of Chemical Microscopy at Cornell University from 1891 to 1938.