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McCrone Research Institute Research Positions

McCrone Research Institute in Chicago has a limited number of positions available for visiting professors, teachers, and graduate students who wish to spend time at McCrone while on leave from their position at a home institute.

Applications are now being accepted in these areas:

• Microscopy
• Microanalysis
• Microchemistry
• Forensic microscopy
• Optical crystallography
• Particle/contaminant identification
• Asbestos and environmental analysis
• Pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial applications

McRI offers a dynamic laboratory research and teaching environment with maximum research freedom and flexibility. There are opportunities to collaborate with researchers and scientists in classrooms, workshops and conferences, including Inter/Micro, the international microscopy conference held annually in Chicago.

All applications should include:
• Nature of desired visit
• Area of interest
• Supporting documents such as a CV and a statement of research interests
• Clear explanation of the extent of any financial support required
• Funding or grants that can be received to support the position

Please e-mail all inquires to