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Microscope Series Monographs

Microscope Publications (division of McCrone Research Institute, Inc.) publishes a series of monographs related to the microscope. Currently, 12 of the 52 originally proposed titles are now available including:

11. A Short History of the English Microscopes
12. A Short History of the Early American Microscopes Free PDF
14. The Optical Performance of the Light Microscope, Part I
15. The Optical Performance of the Light Microscope, Part II
16. Accessories for the Light Microscope
17. Special Methods in Light Microscopy
20. Transmitted Polarised Light Microscopy
47. Light Microscopical Resinography
48. The Microscopy of Liquid Crystals
49. The 4-Axis Universal Stage
51. Glossary of Microscopical Terms and Definitions
52. Teaching Microscopy

Click on a title above to read the preface and table of contents for each. Copies of these monographs are available for purchase from McCrone Research Institute by phone (312-842-7100) and through this website. McCrone is interested in publishing the remaining books in this worthwhile series and incorporating additional titles. Solicitation for Authoring the Microscope Series